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Traditional town house

A journey to the island of Aegina back then…
We all love to travel, but when it comes to traveling back in time, the destination becomes even
more interesting and charming.

The Traditional Town House is a recently renovated traditional house which is located in the
center of Aegina, a few meters away from its beautiful harbor and combines the simplicity and
beauty of tradition with the frugality and functionality of today.
The house is divided into two floors with independent entrances and it is also connected by an
interior staircase.
On the upper floor there is a living room, the kitchen and a bathroom and on the ground floor
there are two bedrooms with a double and a single bed respectively and one more bathroom.
In the courtyard you can enjoy your coffee or your meal and spend your time planning your day
on the island of Aegina.

The Traditional Town House gives you the opportunity to travel to the Aegina island of the past,
to smell it, to taste it, to live it.
It is an experience you will surely love, having the city of Aegina literally at your feet!